Pictures For Uplifting Gormandizers

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Hello Naked Cuddles

This is my first submission to Cuddle Club, and the theme couldn’t suit me more! :D

I used to have a major hate relationship with my breasts. A previous ex made a comment about how small they are and that “it’s not normal for girls to have small boobs”. Being fairly young and vulnerable at the time, it really took a blow to my confidence. It was through the wonderful world of Tumblr I realised that this wasn’t the case. Through finding images of women with beautiful bodies and small boobs made me realise I had nothing to be ashamed about. I’ve since had many partners who adore smaller breasts and helped me build up my self confidence again. I’m now at a point where I love my smaller breasts and wouldn’t change them in anyway given the opportunity.

I hope you like this :) Stay awesome!

Hello! Welcome to cuddle club! It’s an honour to have you. :) I have to say that boy was a dick! It’s awful that his comments caused you to hate on your perfectly gorgeous boobs. I’m with you on the girls with small boobs team though! I’m definitely happy for you to have found tumblr and had it help you so much. It really can do wonders. I’m slightly envious of your confidence now as I still aren’t on great terms with my boobs. Bit on and off aha. Thank you for sharing! x


A strip-tease without an audience. 

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